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Parting is such (not so) sweet sorrow!

March 9, 2010

Life has been moving at a snail’s pace and at lightning speed, both at the same time for me, for the past four months.

I am so domesticated that I sometimes have no idea what is happening around me. For instance, I have no idea when the Oscars was held. I only accidentally watched it on TV yesterday. This is a first for me – a movie fan. And I don’t even know who is on the Best Actor list, except for my immortal beloved, George Clooney.

While I am bathing in domestic bliss (or madness, when Xuan screams on top of her lungs and Rui thinks it is a good idea to pour the whole bottle of fish feed into the little pond), the world is fast changing, and life is throwing amazing challenges to the people around me.

My wonderful, fabulous and cool Cousin Young has begun a new chapter of her professional life in Beijing. She left for China on 4 March and though things have not panned out as well as expected on the first couple of days, I think Young and hubby have more or less settled in in the Chinese capital.  Regardless of how terrible the initial experience or how tough it is to get into the groove of the city, I am sure this would be a wonderful experiece, both for Laz and Young. I am immensely proud of where Young’s professional career has taken her and I am sure she will do just fine!

Nevertheless, I miss Young terribly, and especially our gossip and binge session at our favourite sushi joint. I hope there would be great sushi… okay… xiao long bao places in Beijing, cos hubby and I are already planning to see them in Beijing some months down the road.

In the meantime, I would just have to rely on modern technology to speak to Young.

No matter what, Young, all the best to you! I miss you so! Take great care!

PS: I am going back to work next Tuesday, not looking forward to it at all. How I wish we could drown our sorrows in baked scallops!  🙂


It’s been… Quite a While!

February 8, 2010

Yes, yes… it has been a year! And what a year it is!

Rui is two and a half now and boy, they don’t call this phase the terrible twos for nothing. He’s naughty and I broke the promise to myself and did slapped his little bottom a couple of times. He’s bright and curious, and is always asking “What is mummy/daddy doing?”. He can be such a charming little gentleman, if he wants to!  🙂

I love pink stuff now and have been on a pink splurge recently. A new little person has entered my life. She is beautiful with lovely almond eyes, a petite nose and sweet lips. She is a little bald now, but I am sure that is not a major problem. She stretches contentedly after a good nap and can be real fiesty if she does not get her way. She, if I may say so, is one of the reasons for me to abandon writing for a while. Not that she has arrived and is soundly sleeping, I can indulge in a little time of my own again.

She is Xuan, my lovely little girl.

We will have pics when our camera is working but believe me, she is GORGEOUS! 🙂

A Little More Consideration, Please!

October 1, 2008

I’ve recently added a tag for “Beautiful Things” in my blog to record the wonderful and lovely things around me, so when I am sad, they would bring on a smile. A trip to the supermarket today, however, made me wonder if I should add a tag for “Ugly Things” to make me appreciate the good things around me more.

My helper and I were shopping at the vegetable and fruit section at the supermarket when we spied another helper putting a half-drunk, dripping Yakult bottle between two baskets of fruits. I cringed and before I knew it, blurted out, “You should throw this in the bin.”

The helper was slightly embarrassed but NOT her employer. The b**ch (I don’t think she is fit to be called a “lady”. NO!) with tattoed eye-brows immediately turned to me and said in an angry tone, “I asked her to throw it there. Why are you so busybody?”

Goodness! She sounded like I was the one who was in the wrong! Shouldn’t she be the one embarrassed!?

Okay, I thought, I would ignore the silly grammatical error in her statement. While I glanced at her aggresive stance and those ridiculous eye-brows, I thought, well, forget it, no point arguing with such a b**ch. I turned to go and she said again, “If you saw that empty bottle in your trolley, you would throw it there too.”

“No, I would throw it in the bin.” And I turned and went, wanting badly to avoid an argument not because I feared her but more out of embarrassment of being associated with the ridiculously eye-browed b**ch who couldn’t even put a proper sentence together.

The b**ch walked away, all the while muttering to her husband (another one of those Chinese men with ridiculous bleached blond hair. They are quite a match though!) and staring in my direction.

My lovely day was marred!

Ironically, the incident happened at the NTUC Finest branch at Thomson Plaza. I wonder why people who are presumably well-travelled and well-read enough to appreciate kurobuta pork, air-flown Japanese aubergine and other finer things in life, are not able to behave in a civil manner. Whatever happened to good manners and basic hygiene practice? Whatever happened to being civil and considerate?

What’s even more shocking to me was that the b**ch behaved in such manner in front of her two young kids. What sort of values would she be passing down to the young? Would she bother passing down any values at all? What sort of a society nurture people like that?

I guess I would never take kind, considerate and helpful people for granted again.

Something New…

September 22, 2008

I am feeling contented with my life now.

Life is simple and rewarding, with the little one surprising us with new things learnt everyday.

I am happy. Maybe even a little complacent.

I was, however, thrown off my feet a little by a talk with my manager. She is someone whom I trust a lot at work. We are friends, not just colleagues.

She gave me a proposition to consider. A new role, sort of, at a subsidiary. More responsibilities. More accountability. More challenges.

It’s like a little jolt, waking me up from my contented being. Not in a bad way… it certainly got me thinking.

What next? What if I do accept the challenge? What if I do not?


I am not one who loves new things.

How shall I put this accurately?

I mean, I love new shoes, clothes, jewellery (darling, are you there? Are you listening? 😉 )… new things. But when I find something that works, I stick to it forever!

Like my favourite carrot cake recipe. I have been using one by Martha Stewart for ages! It’s a winner and everyone loves it.

It took me quite a while to try another carrot cake recipe. This one is by Pierre Herme, the demi-god of pastry, no less. Boy, am I glad to venture out to new territory!

This one has no leavening agents, with its structure supported by beaten egg whites. Ground hazelnut and almond add an irresistable nutty edge to the natural sweetness of carrots. The best part about it? It is most delicately sweeten, beautifully moist and ethereally light, like a genoise without the dryness.

A real winner! Sorry Martha, you have been edged out by Pierre!  😉


This is the carrot cake, lovely on its own, but I served it with some leftover vanilla bean dotted buttercream and orange-favoured cream cheese frosting for CH, who is anatomically-designed and metabolically-gifted to take all that extra calories.


Maybe it is not so bad to try new things afterall…

May 14, 2008

Mothers’ Day has come and passed.

This is the FIRST year in which I am qualified to celebrate Mothers’ Day. I was busy that Day, delivering cakes and making desserts for my family.

What a day. What a year!

Ever since my little one came into my life, I begin to understand joy, the purest joy…

… of having his little head lying snugly on my shoulder and gently drifting into sleep

… of having his wet, saliva-drenched, chubby little hand scratching my face

… of smelling the cutest breath in the whole world, better than any perfume money can buy

… of seeing that cheeky smile and that twinkle in his eyes

… of seeing him blinking his eyes when I ask him, “Show mummy your beautiful eyes.”

… of that proud moment when he learns recognises a new flash card

… of feeding him a new food and looking at his reaction

… of watching him drink milk and marvelling at how fast he grows

… of seeing him crawl towards me to greet me when I get home

… of him crying out for my attention, I feel so loved

… of sharing every single day with my little one


I lose a part of me when I became a mother but I gained a whole new world.