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Going Green… on the Skin

March 15, 2009

CH has became more health and environmentally-conscious since he joined his new company late last year. Well, I can’t say my hubby is now an avid tree-hugger but my darling has become more aware of what he puts into his mouth, works out more and puts in a little more effort to be green. 

I must say this is, in most part, the (fantastic) work of his colleague S. 

CH told me one evening jokingly that S was slowly cutting him off lives’ little pleasure – feasting on wagyu beef, eating dairy… but he is joking, of course, I know. The good man has been eating more vegetables (asparagus is the new addiction) and stopped eating so much red meats (he still can’t say no to duck), and he does not miss all that meat-chomping. I am oh so proud of him!

And I am most thankful for S to take the time to send CH links to health and environmental reports and issues, and even took the time to “burn” a CD of documentaries for us! (“There is no business on a dead planet!” “Aye, aye, Sir!” 😉  )

Ever since I have Rui, I have also started to switch partially to organic foods and products. I have not gone the whole hog, sad to say, though I am grateful that organic food prices have become more reasonable now due to the proliferation and wider acceptance. I will, one day, when free-range chicken does not cost $45 each!

My naughty little one, Rui has been using organic and biodegradeable baby care and bath products since one. It’s expensive, no doubt but I certainly don’t mind paying a little more to keep the skin of my precious one in tip-top condition. While doing research on Rui’s baby care products, I recently discovered a fantastic brand for organic skincare and cosmetics.

I have been a firm supporter of a European and an Australian brand of skincare that are labelled “organic”. Alas, after some intensive research, I was dismay and disappointed to find out that these so-called organic skincare products are not so green and organic afterall – they contained carcinogenic chemicals and non-biodegradeable substances – SLS and parabens. After some trials, I have decided to take the plunge to switch my regular skincare and cosmetics to another Australian brand. The fact that the company is dedicated to the green cause, is a major plus.

I am going the whole hog on this one – skincare, cosmetics (especially mascara, I have an addiction, and handcream) and even oral care. While the initial trial of the products yields fantastic results, I hope use over time will actually improve the health of my skin. After all, I agree with M, the lady who introduced me to the products – our skin is the largest organ on our body, it is worth every effort to make sure it is healthy!