A Little Night Time Happening

The night started with a little steam.

Well, not that kind of heat but the wrong kind – angry heat.

The hubby commented about my not-so-desirable habit of leaving things around. And well, as the guilty as charged always do, I got defensive and told him off. Deep down inside though, I knew he meant well but in my defensive mood, I wished he would cut me some slack, and focus more on the things that matter, or the things which I think that matter more than an inappropriately placed item.

We bit our tongues and calmed down, knowing what a full-on confrontation could lead to. An awkward silence ensued.

Then thankfully, the innocent chatter of Rui and babbling of Xuan took over and broke the dreaded silence.

Giggling excitedly, thankfully oblivious to the foul atmosphere, Rui began pretending to be diving into what he imagined as a pool of water. The pool was actually his mattress. Who wouldn’t cracked up at the sight of a little body “swimming” on a mattress?

Then, the mattress suddenly became his space-ship, pillows and bolsters, his control panel, with daddy as his co-pilot. Of course, a space saga could never be complete without an antagonist and who better be than Xuan, the bad alien. The roles soon changed with daddy becoming the bad alien, and Rui and Xuan being on the same side.

I watched with delight as the brother tried to shield his little sister with his light blue fleece blanket when daddy aimed a little bolster at her. I chuckled when Rui dived into a pile of pillows to hide from the evil alien’s “laser”, thinking that if he could not see the alien, he could not be seen as well.

The mood lighten considerably, tempered with loud cheerful laughter and gleeful chatter.

It was past ten o’clock and the hubby tried to calm Rui down for his bedtime. He cuddled the boy in bed and proceeded to tell his son about his days as a boy spent swimming and playing in a river in Sibu. “Daddy loved jumping and playing in the river. There were fishes and prawns in the river,” said daddy. “And squid and octopus!” the little boy chipped in. “Yes, squids and octopus too!”

I smiled.

These were the times that I hope Rui and Xuan would etch in their minds forever – the laughter, the cuddles, the hugs, the kisses, the warmth, the closeness and the innocence.


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