The Blues Are HERE Again

Now, who’s great idea it is, for women to be part of the workforce? And who even has the heart to suggest mothers to go back to work after spending four months cooing at and fussing over the baby? Does that person actually has a heart?

I can’t remember the last time I felt Monday blues on a Sunday. You know, the feeling of “OMG, a new week is looming…”. Wait a minute, maybe I can, because four months passed just like a flash! I can remember when I just tidied my desk and got ready to stay home and wait for the arrival of my little girl. And I can remember the feeling of woh-wee, bye bye to all the office nonsense for four months!

Well, all good things have to come an end. I am enjoying the second last day of my four-month maternity and gosh, am I nervous about returning to work. I certainly feel a tinge, no, not a tinge but a huge wave of sadness, leaving the baby in my mum’s care while I take care of the needs and demands of grown babies at work.

I feel a sadness also because I took a longer time to bond with my beautiful little girl, compared to her brother. She gave us a major, major medical scare when she was born. Rather than jumping in, and enjoying her company and smiles and little tantrums immediately, we were faced with some uncertainties and worries. Thankfully, she has been given the all-clear and we started to really enjoy playing, laughing, tickling and talking to her.

I hope Xuan will bond with and feel comfortable with Granny soon. I certainly will miss the feel of her warm skin against mine, the smiles and even the crazy loud cries.


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