Parting is such (not so) sweet sorrow!

Life has been moving at a snail’s pace and at lightning speed, both at the same time for me, for the past four months.

I am so domesticated that I sometimes have no idea what is happening around me. For instance, I have no idea when the Oscars was held. I only accidentally watched it on TV yesterday. This is a first for me – a movie fan. And I don’t even know who is on the Best Actor list, except for my immortal beloved, George Clooney.

While I am bathing in domestic bliss (or madness, when Xuan screams on top of her lungs and Rui thinks it is a good idea to pour the whole bottle of fish feed into the little pond), the world is fast changing, and life is throwing amazing challenges to the people around me.

My wonderful, fabulous and cool Cousin Young has begun a new chapter of her professional life in Beijing. She left for China on 4 March and though things have not panned out as well as expected on the first couple of days, I think Young and hubby have more or less settled in in the Chinese capital.  Regardless of how terrible the initial experience or how tough it is to get into the groove of the city, I am sure this would be a wonderful experiece, both for Laz and Young. I am immensely proud of where Young’s professional career has taken her and I am sure she will do just fine!

Nevertheless, I miss Young terribly, and especially our gossip and binge session at our favourite sushi joint. I hope there would be great sushi… okay… xiao long bao places in Beijing, cos hubby and I are already planning to see them in Beijing some months down the road.

In the meantime, I would just have to rely on modern technology to speak to Young.

No matter what, Young, all the best to you! I miss you so! Take great care!

PS: I am going back to work next Tuesday, not looking forward to it at all. How I wish we could drown our sorrows in baked scallops!  🙂


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