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It’s been… Quite a While!

February 8, 2010

Yes, yes… it has been a year! And what a year it is!

Rui is two and a half now and boy, they don’t call this phase the terrible twos for nothing. He’s naughty and I broke the promise to myself and did slapped his little bottom a couple of times. He’s bright and curious, and is always asking “What is mummy/daddy doing?”. He can be such a charming little gentleman, if he wants to!  🙂

I love pink stuff now and have been on a pink splurge recently. A new little person has entered my life. She is beautiful with lovely almond eyes, a petite nose and sweet lips. She is a little bald now, but I am sure that is not a major problem. She stretches contentedly after a good nap and can be real fiesty if she does not get her way. She, if I may say so, is one of the reasons for me to abandon writing for a while. Not that she has arrived and is soundly sleeping, I can indulge in a little time of my own again.

She is Xuan, my lovely little girl.

We will have pics when our camera is working but believe me, she is GORGEOUS! 🙂