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A Little More Consideration, Please!

October 1, 2008

I’ve recently added a tag for “Beautiful Things” in my blog to record the wonderful and lovely things around me, so when I am sad, they would bring on a smile. A trip to the supermarket today, however, made me wonder if I should add a tag for “Ugly Things” to make me appreciate the good things around me more.

My helper and I were shopping at the vegetable and fruit section at the supermarket when we spied another helper putting a half-drunk, dripping Yakult bottle between two baskets of fruits. I cringed and before I knew it, blurted out, “You should throw this in the bin.”

The helper was slightly embarrassed but NOT her employer. The b**ch (I don’t think she is fit to be called a “lady”. NO!) with tattoed eye-brows immediately turned to me and said in an angry tone, “I asked her to throw it there. Why are you so busybody?”

Goodness! She sounded like I was the one who was in the wrong! Shouldn’t she be the one embarrassed!?

Okay, I thought, I would ignore the silly grammatical error in her statement. While I glanced at her aggresive stance and those ridiculous eye-brows, I thought, well, forget it, no point arguing with such a b**ch. I turned to go and she said again, “If you saw that empty bottle in your trolley, you would throw it there too.”

“No, I would throw it in the bin.” And I turned and went, wanting badly to avoid an argument not because I feared her but more out of embarrassment of being associated with the ridiculously eye-browed b**ch who couldn’t even put a proper sentence together.

The b**ch walked away, all the while muttering to her husband (another one of those Chinese men with ridiculous bleached blond hair. They are quite a match though!) and staring in my direction.

My lovely day was marred!

Ironically, the incident happened at the NTUC Finest branch at Thomson Plaza. I wonder why people who are presumably well-travelled and well-read enough to appreciate kurobuta pork, air-flown Japanese aubergine and other finer things in life, are not able to behave in a civil manner. Whatever happened to good manners and basic hygiene practice? Whatever happened to being civil and considerate?

What’s even more shocking to me was that the b**ch behaved in such manner in front of her two young kids. What sort of values would she be passing down to the young? Would she bother passing down any values at all? What sort of a society nurture people like that?

I guess I would never take kind, considerate and helpful people for granted again.