A Special Passionfruit Moment

I want to pen this down before I forget about this incident. It happened on 22 August, a Friday afternoon when I was preparing dinner and my beloved Granny was sitting in a corner of the kitchen, talking to me.

We had an early lunch that day, so I thought granny would be hungry by that time. I turned and saw a stash of passionfruits which I kept to eat with yogurt. I casually took one wrinkled and perfectly ripe purple-skinned fruit, and sliced it into half. Together with a small metal spoon from the drawer, I gently put the two halves of passionfruit into Granny’s wrinkled and heavily veined hands. 

She looked at the purple fruit and said in wonder, “What are these? I have never seen these before!” I told her it was a passionfruit and urged her to spoon the orangy sweet-tart flesh and seeds, and taste it. She did and immediately, her gentle eyes widened and sparkled. She exclaimed, “This is delicious! I have never tasted anything like this before!”

I smiled, waited and watched her spoon another spoonful into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed with a swoon. She took another spoonful and then another. The pulpy flesh and seeds disappeared quickly and she sighed with satisfaction.

“It’s sweet and tart and is absolutely delicious!” The feisty lady repeated.

I smiled with an inner warmth as I watched this lady, who had changed my diapers when I was a baby and rubbed ointment on my bumps and bruises when I fell, revelled in her moment of discovery.

I am filled with gratitude, even till today, that we were able to share this special moment of discovery, of tasting something for the first time, together.


2 Responses to “A Special Passionfruit Moment”

  1. Xin Says:

    so sweet. i can picture it all..:) popo must hav been really happy.

    sorry i’ve disappeared. sch has been bad..hope yu’ve been well. talk to yu soon!

  2. janice Says:

    This post makes me cry – somehow – I dont know why. Maybe I missed I grandmothers too … but its been so long, their faces are fading but the experiences we share, their love, their warmth – its still vivid in the mind and heart

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