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Something New…

September 22, 2008

I am feeling contented with my life now.

Life is simple and rewarding, with the little one surprising us with new things learnt everyday.

I am happy. Maybe even a little complacent.

I was, however, thrown off my feet a little by a talk with my manager. She is someone whom I trust a lot at work. We are friends, not just colleagues.

She gave me a proposition to consider. A new role, sort of, at a subsidiary. More responsibilities. More accountability. More challenges.

It’s like a little jolt, waking me up from my contented being. Not in a bad way… it certainly got me thinking.

What next? What if I do accept the challenge? What if I do not?


I am not one who loves new things.

How shall I put this accurately?

I mean, I love new shoes, clothes, jewellery (darling, are you there? Are you listening? 😉 )… new things. But when I find something that works, I stick to it forever!

Like my favourite carrot cake recipe. I have been using one by Martha Stewart for ages! It’s a winner and everyone loves it.

It took me quite a while to try another carrot cake recipe. This one is by Pierre Herme, the demi-god of pastry, no less. Boy, am I glad to venture out to new territory!

This one has no leavening agents, with its structure supported by beaten egg whites. Ground hazelnut and almond add an irresistable nutty edge to the natural sweetness of carrots. The best part about it? It is most delicately sweeten, beautifully moist and ethereally light, like a genoise without the dryness.

A real winner! Sorry Martha, you have been edged out by Pierre!  😉


This is the carrot cake, lovely on its own, but I served it with some leftover vanilla bean dotted buttercream and orange-favoured cream cheese frosting for CH, who is anatomically-designed and metabolically-gifted to take all that extra calories.


Maybe it is not so bad to try new things afterall…


Happiness is…

September 22, 2008


… running free in a lovely green field…

… looking for creepy-crawlies…

… and splashing in the pool with Auntie Crystal!

Flowers… they do make the day brighter

September 21, 2008

Beautiful things – some planted, some bought by CH…

A Special Passionfruit Moment

September 7, 2008

I want to pen this down before I forget about this incident. It happened on 22 August, a Friday afternoon when I was preparing dinner and my beloved Granny was sitting in a corner of the kitchen, talking to me.

We had an early lunch that day, so I thought granny would be hungry by that time. I turned and saw a stash of passionfruits which I kept to eat with yogurt. I casually took one wrinkled and perfectly ripe purple-skinned fruit, and sliced it into half. Together with a small metal spoon from the drawer, I gently put the two halves of passionfruit into Granny’s wrinkled and heavily veined hands. 

She looked at the purple fruit and said in wonder, “What are these? I have never seen these before!” I told her it was a passionfruit and urged her to spoon the orangy sweet-tart flesh and seeds, and taste it. She did and immediately, her gentle eyes widened and sparkled. She exclaimed, “This is delicious! I have never tasted anything like this before!”

I smiled, waited and watched her spoon another spoonful into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed with a swoon. She took another spoonful and then another. The pulpy flesh and seeds disappeared quickly and she sighed with satisfaction.

“It’s sweet and tart and is absolutely delicious!” The feisty lady repeated.

I smiled with an inner warmth as I watched this lady, who had changed my diapers when I was a baby and rubbed ointment on my bumps and bruises when I fell, revelled in her moment of discovery.

I am filled with gratitude, even till today, that we were able to share this special moment of discovery, of tasting something for the first time, together.