Tokyo – A (Too) Short Rendezvous – Part 3

Before my memory of the trip gets foggy, this is a photo-essay, of sorts, of what we did in Tokyo for Day 4. Half a day actually, for we were on the evening flight back…

In the morning, we had a mad-dash shopping trip at Shinjuku Isetan where we wanted to get some toys for Rui but didn’t as 1) the price is exorbitant, 2) he would destroy the delicate parts of the toys before he learn to play with them. Feeling a little guilty going home with no gifts for the little one, we got a toddler’s book that has moving pictures for him. It was a great choice apparently – Rui can be occupied for minutes (yes, that’s considered long) by the pictures. Of course, one of us has to be with him when he’s “reading”, if not, the book would be in shreds in no time!

I rambled…

Back to Tokyo!

Of course, a walk through the wonderful basement food hall at Isetan was a must. I never get tired of that place where you can get the best quality food stuff, whether it is bento, sushi, or French pastry. It’s a pity that we were in such a rush and I detected that VERY subtle look in CH that says “Okay, I am trying to look very patient here, darling, but you’ve just got to MOVE it!”, so I could only have a glimpse at the pastry at Sadaharu Aoki’s. Sigh… So close yet so far away. (The food hall is a place to go alone or with a diehard foodie. Impatient husbands need not apply!)

After grabbing two bentos from the food hall, we hopped on the train to Asakusa and had lunch sitting in the open area next to the temple. Despite having travelled a distance with us, the bentos still tasted wonderfully fresh! It was a great lunch, sitting next to the temple, people-watching and casually tucking in.

We had a quick glimpse at what the rows of little stores along the path to the temple had to offer, and an even quicker look at the temple itself. Beautiful but a little touristy. It felt quintessentially Japanese – correct me if I am wrong about that!  🙂

Then in the evening, it was our flight home to the little one!

He was sleeping as we arrived back home at almost 2am. Quietly sucking on his pacifier and hugging his favourite bolster, he was sweaty as usual even as the air-conditioning was on. Nevertheless, he was in such a peaceful slumber.

What a great feeling to come home to the little angel!!


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