Rui’s Birthday Feast

Like I mentioned, Rui’s birthday bash was really Daddy and Mummy’s party. Or in Chez Lim, every family member’s party, with the little one oblivious to the fuss.   🙂

The two grandmas picked his outfit to be worn at the party.

My helper picked the shoes.

Daddy prepared the guest list.

Mummy prepared the food list.

And I think, Mummy had the most fun preparing for the bash!

For Rui’s party, I didn’t want to do a lunch or a dinner party, with catered food like bland noodles or soggy deep fried food and syrupy punch… no, no, no… too predictable. I wanted to do a tea party, with luxurious but fun desserts and yummy sweets. I visualised a buffet table lined with colourful, bite-sized desserts, elegant finger sandwiches and little squares of exquisite chocolates, with a cupcake tier as a centre piece.

Coincidentally, one of J’s friends, a really nice lady, GH’s son shared the same birthday as Rui. She asked me to make a cake for her boy and I suggested the idea of a cupcake tier. She gallantly accepted the idea and graciously allowed me the freedom to do whatever I feel was best. 

I started work on the cupcake tiers a day before the party, painstakingly handcrafting both the cupcake tiers from cake boards, styrofoam, the cutest pokka dot felt and lovely satin ribbons. I basically made GH’s son what I had prepared for Rui – two tiers of cuppies and a top-tier of fondant-covered cake (for cake-cutting). The two sets of cakes were differentiated by colour scheme.

And the flavours of the cuppies? Simple but crowd-pleasing vanilla, some of which were infused or swirled with fruit puree to become a fruity-flavoured vanilla cake, and chocolate, of course. The top-tier cakes were a super moist carrot cake, delicately spiced with ginger and iced with orange cream cheese icing – a recipe modified from Martha Stewart.


Besides the cakes, our friends at the party were also treated to:

– jewel-like pink and cream macarons (vanilla with salted caramel – I could taste these in my dreams… mmm…), fresh fruit tarts, durian puffs and brownie bites (made from a batter which includes cream cheese), courtesy of my dad’s magic kitchen

– finger sandwich (some savoury to counter the sweet)

– deep-fried (fresh and crispy!) vegetarian snacks for veggie friends (you know who you are… 🙂  )

– Godiva chocolates (If I don’t spoil my friends, who will… wink, wink…)

Though some of our older relatives missed the usual savoury buffet fare, I was glad most of our guests enjoyed the food and one commented that he felt like he had gone to sugar heaven! Haha…

And the birthday boy? He got a bite from one cuppy. The rest was too sweet for him, so one bite was all he got this year.

Well, there is always next year!  🙂


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