Rui is One!

What a long overdue entry!

Oh well, friends who knew me would know… Procrastination – it’s my swan song!  🙂


My little prince turned ONE on 22 June 2008, Sunday! What a happy occasion it was. Of course, the birthday boy is oblivious to the fussy adults around him as he busied himself with his new toys, fidgeting in his smart, albeit very warm, white attire, while little fingers tore up wrapping and explored the little colourful buttons on his new gadgets.

Since the birthday boy has very few friends, he spent his big day with some of Daddy and Mummy’s closest friends (thank you for coming, the wonderful gifts and red packets of which would fund Mummy’s shopping… I mean, Rui’s future education 😉 ), and relatives.

And speaking of toys, Rui received a truckload and among them, a big and mean Harley-style police motor-bike which he could ride on – a really generous present from his grand-uncle and grand-aunt. Rui got his first robot (Okay, the second. The first is built out of Lego pieces, courtesy of my helper), a mini-basketball set and an innovative painting set that utilises water as paint (I foresee Daddy and Mummy indulging in this new set of educational toy), and many others.

The little boy was obviously tired by the end of the day, having been kissed / hugged / cuddled / pinched / cooed at many times during the day. As the birthday boy drifted into peaceful slumber, CH and I finally had the chance to snuggle on the sofa for a break. 

I was certain Rui had an exciting time dismantling and rattling his new toys, seeing the mischievious grin on his face. CH and I, most definitely, had a wonderful time catching up with friends and sipping the celebratory red wine. It was more our party than Rui’s… haha! We were so grateful and happy that we could celebrate this day with our friends and family.

Indeed, Rui has been in our lives for a year. Wow!

For the lack of a better word, yes, that is the one word I would use to describe the first year of parenthood – WOW!

Happy Birthday, my little one!

The little prince got impatient with the endless photo-taking.

Displaying his creativity in an artistic stroke… 🙂


One Response to “Rui is One!”

  1. GiftAndToy Says:

    Happy Birthday Rui!

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