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An Update of What’s Happening at Chez Lim

June 12, 2008

A couple of friends text me recently, wondering what’s happening at Chez Lim and why this blog has not been updated for some time.

A thousand apologies for the long hiatus! Well, it is not really a hiatus. Everyone at Chez Lim has been quite busy lately, including the little one!  😉

So what happened during the long pause?

– Work was crazy for me! I flew to Japan for an overnighter for work and bought these lovely cakes and pastry from the likes of Sadaharu Aoki and Eric Kayser. Anyone who has the good fortune to try Aoki’s creation would know that his pastries epitomise elegance, creativity and of course, great taste. I am truly inspired by his work of art.

The cake on top is called Valencia, if I remember correctly – a delightful combination of yuzu mousse with chocolate mousse. I love the zen look of the green tea opera cake – clean, elegant and original. The taste did not disappoint either – bold dose of green tea balanced the rich taste of the chocolate cream.

And the loot from Eric Kayser? They were worth every single moment of hassle when I lagged the pastries and bread back to home. Yes, I brought a baguette home from Tokyo, with the long baton poking out of my carry-on bag on board. It’s that GOOD!

– Made this for J’s little boy Xuan’s first birthday. The cupcake class I went to sparked my love for fiddling with fondant and opened my eyes to its possibility. Though the weather in Singapore is less than favourable for working with fondant. Pre-requisite of fondant-play? An air-conditioned room or very cold and dry hands.


– CH, as usual, is busy at work and pursued his interest quite avidly in the weekend. Great for him to develop an interest, but we can’t help feeling a wee bit neglected…  🙂

– And Rui? Well, Rui is busy exploring the world! crawling everywhere he could, dismantling anything he could get his small hands on and standing on tippy-toe to sweep the items on the TV console to the floor with those little hands.

Yes, he is the busiest among the three of us…  🙂