Mothers’ Day has come and passed.

This is the FIRST year in which I am qualified to celebrate Mothers’ Day. I was busy that Day, delivering cakes and making desserts for my family.

What a day. What a year!

Ever since my little one came into my life, I begin to understand joy, the purest joy…

… of having his little head lying snugly on my shoulder and gently drifting into sleep

… of having his wet, saliva-drenched, chubby little hand scratching my face

… of smelling the cutest breath in the whole world, better than any perfume money can buy

… of seeing that cheeky smile and that twinkle in his eyes

… of seeing him blinking his eyes when I ask him, “Show mummy your beautiful eyes.”

… of that proud moment when he learns recognises a new flash card

… of feeding him a new food and looking at his reaction

… of watching him drink milk and marvelling at how fast he grows

… of seeing him crawl towards me to greet me when I get home

… of him crying out for my attention, I feel so loved

… of sharing every single day with my little one


I lose a part of me when I became a mother but I gained a whole new world.



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