Lots of Colours, Inspirations, Chocolate… annnnnnnd CUPCAKES!

Remember the little cupcakes we used to eat when we were younger – those artificially buttery, one-dimensional vanilla-scented and outrageously yellow cupcakes?

I used to love love love those but now cringe at the taste and the awful aftertaste of the cupcakes that lingers on and on. I thought the memories of those yellow cuppies will remain well, as fond memories, but who knew, cupcakes have become the IN thing these couple of years. I can’t remember when cupcakes became hot again, perhaps it was the effect of Carrie Bradshaw nibbling at a Magnolia cuppy. It’s so hot that some cafe and restaurants charge 4 bucks for one nutella topped cupcake! C’mon, they’ve got to be kidding.



My partner in crime L sent me an email a couple of weeks again, inviting me to join her at Shermay’s Cooking School for a cupcake course, level 1. I was hesitant at first but I am so glad I went. It was really FUN and the course opened my eyes to the possibilities of cupcake decoration and to the versatility of icing sugar toppings, colourful decorating sugars and of course, my favourite – marzipan – it is so much easier to work with that than fondant!

Of course, the best thing the course did was to rekindle my love for these little beauties and gave me the inspiration to make some for my Rui’s birthday coming up in June!

I can’t wait!  🙂



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