Of Sleepless Night and Chocolate Cakes

I seldom blog at this hour, either I am home late from my yoga session, busy with Rui, or simply too tired. Well, I am not feeling most energetic this evening, having two bowls of green bean soup sitting heavily in my tummy.

Sleep is not quite possible as well because I can’t help feeling lonely as the other side of the bed is empty. Yes, my poor baby CH is working late this evening.

Get the work done and come home early, baby!

Since I am not in the mood to do anything, I thought I might as well plan the logistics for this weekend. For our family gathering this Mothers’ Day, I am, for the first time, in charge of desserts. That domain belonged to my dad for the past years but since I have taken a serious interest in baking, my kind extended family members have gallantly trusted me with the delivery of the cakes.

In addition to that, SM and XJ have also entrusted me with their Mothers’ Day cake, so I have quite a bit of baking to do this weekend and I am really looking forward to it.

As most of my family like cakes with a clean and fresh flavour, I am planning to make, maybe, a fruit charlotte or a fruit based mousse cake. That, and a chocolate cake for the diehard chocoholics among them.

The past week had been a relatively productive week for me as well. I have delivered two cakes for friends. Both are incredibly dark chocolate mousse cake.

This one is a 1kg cake I made for J‘s father-in-law’s birthday. From bottom layer to top, it consisted of – almond and hazelnut genoise, chocolate royaltine, chocolate mousse, a luscious coco sponge made with muscavado sugar that is as good as it comes, and topped with another layer of deep dark chocolate mousse. The cake is decorated with fresh strawberries and almond praline.

 And this one is a 2kg affair, made for CH’s ex-colleague DJ’s son. Its composition was almost the same as the one above. I must say, I am not great at cake decoration. When I asked DJ for her son’s favourite theme of sorts, she mentioned that he was just like any other boys. Hmmm… so this is what I came up with. I know… hardly impressive. However, I am proud to report that a party-goer – a parent, ate three pieces of the cake! Well, the cake must redeem itself with some positive qualities, right!  😉


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