Mango Madness

I had a weird dream last night.

I dreamt that while I was boiling my mango puree for mango mousse, I neglected to squeeze some lemon juice into the pot, as instructed by my dad. And lo and behold, before I could say, mango oh oh, the concoction took an unsavoury hue of gray!

Jolted out of that nightmare, I climbed out of bed, in good time to start the preparation for my mango mousse cake. The wonderful J, ever so supportive of my pastry interest, ordered a cake from me for her dad’s birthday.

I learnt to make this gorgeous cake at The Patissier Kitchen, the cooking school branch of the wonderful pastry boutique, The Patissier. It was a simple mousse cake at its best – light sponge, honey-scented mango mousse dotted with juicy mango cubes. To give the cake some texture, coconut discs, made out of egg white, sugar and dessicated coconut, were used to decorate the cake. A nice touch that is in line with the tropical fruitiness of the cake!


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