A Lovely Pierre Herme Weekend (The Overdue Part 2)

It was the Friday evening before this when I first tasted French pasrty demi-god, Pierre Herme’s sweet creations at Mezza9 in The Grand Hyatt.

It had been some time before this entry, but no, I have not forgotten the exquisite taste of the desserts. And the experience, of course, of meeting the Picasso of Pastry. It was quite funny when CH bumped into the man while he was exploring the restaurant. The hubby, usually quiet and calm, gestured wildly to me to catch a glimpse of the man whose books I read before drifting to slumberland every night. So… the love for pastry, and the fine art of pastry is indeed infectious!  😉

Unfortunately both L and I have forgotten to bring our cameras that evening, hence the grainy pics that do unspeakable injustice to the fine, edible pieces of art.

These were what we’ve tasted:

Variation Autour du Marron, du Fruit de la Passion at du The Vert Matcha (Variation of chestnut, passion fruit and matcha green tea)  – A light dessert featuring some of my favourite flavours – green tea, chestnut and passion fruit – together! While I enjoy the flavours individually, who knew they complemented one another so well.

Revelation (Puff pastry with tomato, mascarpone cream, olive oil, pieces of black olives, tomato and strawberry compote) – I love the combination of sweet and savoury in the mascarpone olive oil cream that is dotted with black olives. Not sure about the tomato… I think it must have been the humidity, the puff pastry sticks which I expected to be crisp, were a little on the dense side.

Creme Brulee au Foie Gras, Compote d’Airelles et Poire (Creme brulee with foie gras, cranberries and pear) – The only dessert which I wasn’t sure of. I love foie gras, in all its greasy pan-fried glory, but it is much too rich in a dessert. The cranberry-pear compote definitely saved the day, but I prefer creme brulee in its original eggy, vanilla scented state. I think L agreed with me on this one.

Tarte Magador (shortcrust pastry, milk chocolate and passion fruit ganache, roasted pineapple, flourless chocolate cake) – Passion fruit ganache? Oh yes, please! This is a beautiful and rich tart, with lovely roasted pineapples balancing the richness. Pierre Herme demonstrated this one in his masterclass. I am looking forward to my dad’s version.

Emotion Satine (Compote of passion fruit, seasoned orange segments, crean cheese cream, shortbread cubes) – My second favourite of the desserts. This is the perfect example of the balance in taste and richness – the slight savoury taste of the cream cheese cream complemented the tart fruit compote wonderfully. The creamy texture of the cheese was balanced with juicy, refreshing burst of flavour from the passion fruit and orange segments. Absolutely love this one! 

Dessert Ispahan (Ispahan rose-flavoured macaron biscuit, rose petal cream with raspberry and lychees, sorbet ispahan – lychee, rose petal aromas and raspberry sorbet) – The menu said it all. I just CANNOT describe this one. It is perfect. Even CH loves this lovely plated dessert.


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