To Brisbane, With Love!

Time flies, no matter which part of the globe we are in. Cousin YX was all apprehensive about her internship to Brisbane in January. With a blink of the eye, it is already mid April now and she is having one hell of a time there!   :

I can tell from my conversation with her that the experience has given her new perspectives on certain issues, and best of all, cooking is no longer a mystery to her (I am going to get it from her for writing this! Haha!).

I had wanted to travel to visit her but work and my little one have prevented me from doing so. Frankly, I cannot bring myself to be away from the little monster… Well, it’s okay. YX will be back sometime in May, so we will have more than enough time to catch up. Meanwhile, here’s some pics of Rui, for the aunty who dotes on him so much!

Take great care of yourself, YX!

Steamed squash is the worst thing in the world!

The porridge Granny feeds me now is more agreeable!

I play on my own in the study while daddy is fussing over some numbers on the computer.

I always try to stay awake to wait for Daddy and Mummy but sometimes the ZZZ monster catches me before I can runaway…


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