Tea and Sympathty

There are some friends in life whom I see once a year, or maybe even once in two years. However, that does not make us any less familiar with each other.

Maybe it is because we share the common history of working in the media (Oh, the pain we suffered as pawns of a monopoly! Oh, and the guilty pleasure of gossiping about ex-colleagues! Ha!). Or maybe it is because we are at the same point of our lives now – fussing over the husbands, grumbling about the in-laws and complaining about some idiot neighbours. Or maybe – I would like to think that this is the case – we are just fated to be great friends!  

Whatever it is, I had such a great time when QH and the ever so busy, and may I say, increasingly elusive S, came to visit last evening. QH had a request to make Black Forest cake and of course, who could say no to a sweet request.

QH already knows how to make simple butter cake but would like to learn how to make cream and mousse based cake. Black Forest cake is her choice and my choice of the recipe came from Pierre Herme.

Our version of the cake is a wonderfully rich cake with unbelieveably rich chocolate sponges (trust the French to put 18 egg yolks and 150g of butter into the sponge to make just one cake! But what the heck, we are sharing the cakes and the taste is AMAZING!) and luscious whipped cream. Too bad, as usual, I factored too little time to complete the cake, so when we cut it, it wasn’t chilled enough and the chocolate cream came oozing out. And… hence the lack of a good pic.

It was like the good old times again when we were single, as we chatted over steaming cups of tea (Mariage Freres’ – my latest obsession! More on that later) and enjoying the Black Forest cake. Never mind, the last time we met was months and even years ago, nothing beats old friends. We offered each other a sympathetic ear (career development, or the lack of it in my case, in-laws and dumb neighbours) and cheered each other on (my slow-to-pick-up cake business). It was fantastic catching up!

I hope to see both the girls soon again. In the meanwhile, let’s keep in touch regularly through emails and SMSes.

And QH, I hope your hubby is impressed with your maiden effort of a cream-based cake!  🙂  You are welcomed to come anytime for another cuppa and cake!



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