Poor Rui!

I was pregnant when I had this conversation with one of L’s friends whose name I cannot remember. He just had a baby and his wife was carrying the little boy the whole evening. He told me, and I remembered so vividly, that the most sickening sound in the whole world is that of the baby falling off the bed.

Alas, I had the misfortune of hearing that sound this morning. My poor Rui!

I was busy with my cupcake orders and handed Rui to CH. Well, normally CH is an attentive dad WHEN he’s not tired. I guess he wasn’t in his top form today! But still… My poor boy fell off our bed as CH was trying to dress him. I heard a thump and a loud cry. That was when I really understood what the phrase “my heart stopped” meant. The little boy was screaming and heaving, tears streaming down his face.

CH said he fell face up from the bed, but on examination, I believe he fell on his right.

Thank goodness, after some coaxing, he calmed down and is now taking his afternoon nap. Rui seems alright but we will observe his behavior for the next 24 hours.

Not that this statement really need validation, but it is true, when the baby hurts himself, a little crack will form on Mummy’s heart. Oh, the little changes motherhood does to a person.




One Response to “Poor Rui!”

  1. Xin Says:

    oh mann..i miss that little boy..i hope he din get a concussion that poor thing..i’ll call yu soon yeah 🙂 take care meantime!

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