Project Wedding Cake – Completed!


My hands trembled ever so slightly while I stacked the fondant covered cake layers on top of one another. I pleaded silently to the cake – Today is Cousin Y’s big day! Please don’t collapse and spoil the wonderful evening for her!

After months of plotting and planning, the first wedding cake I’ve ever attempted finally materialised! Not in my dreams, as it had been for the longest time, but in reality, occupying a spot on the raised platform at the al fresco area at One Rochester, and ready to share the spotlight with the fabulously svelte, gorgeous and glamourous bride and the handsome groom.

Of course, the cake could never upstage the lovely couple, but I beamed as it made its grand entrance onto the raised platform, and I was so proud of it as guests wandered around the cake to take pics and complimented it. 

This project is not the result of my effort alone but it materialised only with the help and enthusiasm of my wonderful friends. The lovely flower arrangement on the top layer, its complementing adornment of pearls and crystals (gave the cake a dose of sophistication to complement the graceful couple!) came from the creativity of SM and YR. And of course, there to provide (very strict) guidance was my dad who had impatiently rolled up his sleeves to help when he saw me fumbling with the fondant.  


What a wonderful and satifying experience it was – to see the couple cutting the cake to the applause of the guests. It was especially meaningful – I made the cake and I did it for someone very dear to my heart!  🙂

Here’s wishing the lovely couple all the happiness in the world for many, many, many year to come! Y and L, all the very best to you both! 


One Response to “Project Wedding Cake – Completed!”

  1. xj Says:

    *Applause* The cake looks so elegant! Your efforts have paid off!

    This wonderful product is not only meaningful to you but also to your cousin and cousin-in-law. It’s a representation of your love for them. So sweet! 🙂

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