Pineapple Tarts’ Sweet Pastry Crust – More Ways Than One


This is one long-overdue entry talking about Chinese New Year goodies, almost two months after the festive season! 🙂

I have gotten a request, quite a long time ago, from CH’s ex-colleague’s friend (yes, we live a complicated life! Ha!) for the recipe of the sweet pastry crust which I’ve used as the base for my pineapple tarts. While I am more than happy to share the recipe, one of my less desirable traits – procrastination, prevents me from doing so! Ops! Better late then never!

 My version of the sweet pastry, or rather the version which I inherited from my dad, is slightly firm, slightly sweet, slightly salty (a delightful contrast to the sweet-sourish pineapple jam), very buttery (oh yes!) and not so crumbly with a teeny-weeny bit of chew.

It was one of the easiest recipes in the world, requiring few ingredients but also one of the toughest, as the chef would really have to practise restraint from overdoing the dough.

 Here’s my recipe, as requested, with the most gentle reminder… DON’T overdo the dough:

(makes about 100 open-faced tarts)

500g flour

100g rice flour

80g icing sugar

1 egg

320g salted butter, room temperature 


1)  Beat butter with icing sugar on high, til well mixed and no more. There is no need to beat til fluffy. (Good idea to sift icing sugar if it is lumpy.)

2) Add egg, mix well.

3) Turn off mixer. Add flour and rice flour to the egg and butter mixture. Using a spatular, mix til flours are barely incorporated.

4) If dough is too soft, rest in fridge for about an hour before use.

Besides this recipe, there are hundreds other, using a variety of different ingredients that yield different texture and bite – caster sugar, parmesan cheese for that addicitve umami, no rice flour etc. 

CH’s ex-colleague’s friend, whoever you are, let me know if my instructions to the recipe are okay! If possible, I would love to meet you to bake together!  🙂  Afterall, nothing unites people more than the common love of sweet, decadent food!



2 Responses to “Pineapple Tarts’ Sweet Pastry Crust – More Ways Than One”

  1. Sherlyn Says:


    I got to know your blog after visiting Janice’s. May I copy down your pineapple tart pastry recipe to be used in future? I love open face pineapple tarts. Fyi, I am only a very beginner in baking which is my hobby.

  2. chhy189 Says:

    Hi Sherlyn,

    Of course! 🙂 Let me know how your pineapple tarts turn out.

    You are so modest to call yourself a beginner – your cakes and cookies are gorgeous!

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