Growing Pains

I am sure our neighbours hate us now, or at least they must have wondered what’s happening at Chez Lim these couple of nights.

It’s Rui.

I wonder if it is growing pains that make him wake up every night to cry – sometimes twice, once at 2 (that’s AM!) and the second time at 6-ish. This morning, he was crying so loud that the poor little boy sounded hoarse. My helper and I had to take him downstairs to play him some music to calm him and rock him back to slumberland.

Maybe it is really growing pains or maybe Rui has discovered the power of crying (just as I had… hee hee, but that is another story). Whatever it is, I hope this episode would end soon, as it is so terribly heartwrenching to see the little boy cry like that – chest heaving with tears streaming down his face and swollen eyes squirming to adjust to the lights. Also, I don’t think CH would be able to function normally with this continual loss of sleep. Most importantly, I believe babies would be healthier if they have a normal cycle of sleep.

So, Rui rui, be good tonight and sleep tight, okie!


2 Responses to “Growing Pains”

  1. kim heok Says:


  2. chhy189 Says:

    HI Kim Heok,

    Nice to hear from you!

    I am not sure really. I think it might be it. Rui has his lower front teeth already but no signs of others coming out. 🙂

    Kim, you have a blog too?

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