Water Baby!

It’s been quite some time since I have the time to post. Funny thing is, I am not sure why I was so busy. Work? Well, relatively hectic. On the home front? The usual. Yet, time seems to slip away so fast!

I took a different route home from work today, taking THREE buses just to reach home. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually arrived at home earlier than expected! The little one was sleeping and had not bathed yet, so today I had the rare chance to bath Chengrui – on a weekday!   🙂   Usually, when I come home, it is already time to sing him his lullaby.

Rui absolutely loves water, drinking it, playing in it and being drenched in it. Even as a tiny newborn, he loved bathing and would kick his tiny feet in the water enthusiastically when Grandma bathed him. I believe babies are naturally drawn to warm water, having been in a warm, liquid environment for the first nine months of their being.

Inexperienced as I was, I dreaded bathing Rui when he was a newborn for he was so soft and fragile. But now, bathtime is FUN time!


We used to bathe Rui in a little blue tub but being the happy chomper he is, he has very quickly outgrown the tub. Now, he sits in a plastic chair while we shower him. And of course, the naughty one loves it and is completely fascinated with the shower and flow of water!


And this is Rui, nice and clean, drool-free after a shower. Who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling and happy baby? I read somewhere that Katie Holmes said the sweetest smell in the world was her baby’s scent and breath. How true! Forget about lavender, the scent that puts me in a contented and happy mood is Rui’s warm, natural scent – the best in the world! 



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