Salut d’Amour

Just a while ago, when I was having dinner, I saw Rui had managed to take a teeny-weeny single step without support, before collapsing onto the mattress – pacifier in mouth, of course.

I am just amazed at how fast the little one has grown! These couple of days, I kept hearing Salut d’Amour, Edward Elgar’s lovely musical gift to his wife Alice, in my head. It evokes so much memories of my pregnancy and the first month when Rui came into our life. 

I would hear the piece everytime while waiting for my turn at Dr. Chew’s clinic. Then, I was not able to fully enjoy this violin piece as I impatiently waited for my turn to be examined, worried that the doctor would again fuss over the  low level of iron in my blood.

Salut d’Amour was also part of the soundtrack that was played during Rui’s first month. He was an impatient baby and demanded constant attention. And I was a helpless first-time mummy (just as helpless sometimes now), trying to figure out what exactly his cries meant. Frustrated, I would put the tune on repeat mode to soothe the little monster. It worked, well, at least sometimes.

Elgar’s wife famously said, “The care of a genius is enough of a life work for any woman.” I am sure taking care of a genius is tough but just about how many women are privileged enough to say that.

Genius or not, there is certainly much fun (and sometimes the inevitable heartache and blues) and a lot of work, taking care of the two men in my life. Thank goodness, the joy outweighs the frustration I feel sometimes. 

As I type this, I could hear the giggles and laughter coming from father and son. I couldn’t think of a better piece of music to go with the scene I had just seen in the bedroom than Salut d’Amour… Indeed.   



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