Project Wedding Cake

Young’s trial wedding cake

March will be a special month in Cousin Y’s diary for she will be donning the bridal veil and white satin heels the end of the month.

I am really excited for this wonderful girl – a tough, no-nonsense photo-journalist on the outside but really a sweet and sentimental person at heart, someone whom I can always count on and look towards for sensible advice.

Being the wonderful person she is, Y has gallantly accepted my offer to make her wedding cake! I applaud her for her bravery as I have never made a wedding cake in my whole life, not even my own, so I am extremely honoured and grateful for her faith in me!  🙂

Quite determined for her wedding cake to be a success, I had a little practice with fondant yesterday with the lovely L, who had actually made her own wedding cake! (It’s so romantic and memorable to do so and I wish I had done the same!) Not expecting the results to be worthy of comparison with the ones made by Mich Turner, we are nevertheless quite happy with our handiwork! 

The mini cake is a two-layer affair. Moist mocca chocolate cake with rich ganache is covered with white fondant and decorated with dainty handmade pink roses. Of course, for Y’s wedding, I will be making something more bold and elegant to suit the exquisite taste of the bride.

After the little practice, L and her hubby M had dinner with us. Not wanting to spend too much time slogging in the kitchen while guests were here, we had a simple dinner of salad, foccacia with sundried tomatoes and basil, seafood pasta and coq au vin, most of which were prepared in advance. I was quite elated when L presented me with a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, the fruity white wine which CH and I wanted to buy the day before but could not find.


Dinner in the weekends have to end with desserts. This is the house rule at Chez Lim…  🙂   So last evening, we sank our teeth on Strawberries on Pistachio Dacquoise. This is a terrific, terrific recipe by Eric Kayser which is so worth repeating. The tartness and refreshing taste of the strawberries balanced the beautifully light pistachio-almond dacquoise and rich custard wonderfully. Instead of unsalted pistachios, I used salted pistachios to finish for an added crunch. The slightly salty fragrance of the waxy nuts added a great dimension to the dessert. Even CH who doesn’t really care for desserts, went for seconds.

Fantastic wine, good food, yummy desserts and great conversations. I just couldn’t think of any other better ways to spend the Saturday night and went to bed with a rounded and satisfied belly! Calories to be banished? They would just have to wait for my Bikram Yoga session tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Project Wedding Cake”

  1. xj Says:

    Wow! The cake and dessert looked really delicious! You should consider doing this as a career! 🙂 Your hubby is so fortunate. 🙂

  2. L Says:

    It WAS a fabulous dinner! M and I enjoyed it so much also. Mmmmm, I can still taste the strawberry & pistachio Daquiose. Thank you!!

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