Welcome to The Sweet Life at Chez Lim


This blog is long over due.

When Rui first came into our lives, I wanted to start a blog, so I would remember every single detail – of the joy he brings us, the sleepless nights, the joys of motherhood/fatherhood and the blues.

When Cousin YX was preparing for her trip to Brisbane in January, she wanted me to start a blog, so she could track Rui’s growth (she is his first fan – a stalker of sorts… but in a good sense, of course! 🙂 ).

When CH tasted some of my culinary experiments, he asked me to record them down, so he, being the ever forgetful hubby (yes, he even forgets what he has eaten), would remember the dishes and sweets I have created for him.

Now Rui is an active eight-month-old baby and Cousin YX is into the third month of her internship in Brisbane, did I sit down to pen the first entry to my blog.

I hope Rui would not inherit this trait of mine – procrastination… not a good thing. Nevertheless, better late than never.

This is to the Sweet Life…


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